For Mostly Serious

Digital Monitoring Products created a new custom notification product with many consumer implications, but needed a brand identity, ecommerce website, and go-to-market plan.

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  • Naming and new brand identity, including logo and app icon
  • Ecommerce website to support initial launch
  • Go-to-market strategy plan for product


The NotiFYI product is inherently simple—hook up the device and set up any custom notification—but that also meant that it was wildly flexible and had implications for countless uses and prospective industries. We recommended a function first selling story paradigm, in contrast to other messaging strategies on the table that led with suggested industry use cases. Other recommendations included packaging ideas to include sensing accessories to help prospective customers understand the potential applications of the product, and provide suggestive selling opportunities to encourage greater purchasing.


Some logo concepts I loved were left on the cutting room floor. The name Herald was my particular favorite, as it had a conceptual tie to the idea of notification without being too on the nose, and had an approachable, friendly feel.


Logo: Jessica Kennon Spencer
UX and UI Design: Jessica Kennon Spencer
Development: Aimee Hendrycks
Strategy: Lucy Howell, Jessica Kennon Spencer
Agency: Mostly Serious