Moxie Cinema

Freelance Project

Springfield's premiere independent theater brings high quality indie films to the Ozarks that might not otherwise have been shown. In 2019, I collaborated with the Moxie to redesign their dated website and help drive Moxie membership.

View the Moxie's live site.

Project Objectives

  • Guide users quickly to showtimes and ticket purchase
  • Allow users multiple paths to browse by title or showtime
  • Drive users to become supporting members

The Moxie's homepage allows the theater to emphasize a featured film, view showtimes, and get tickets all from initial landing on the site.


The Moxie's wireframes were created using Sketch, and delivered to the client via Invision prototyping. The base for the site's informational architecture was easy to see, and allowed the client to visualize structure, content population needs, and new implied content relationships, like those between events, blog posts, films, and showtimes.


CLIENT: Moxie Cinema
AGENCY: Freelance project
UX: Jessica Kennon Spencer, UI: Jessica Kennon Spencer
COPYWRITING: Mike Stevens, Moxie Cinema