Here's a collection of bits and pieces, made over time. They might not be the biggest deal, but I still like them.

  • Various design work and logos

Fun a la Fois

Logo stamps for Marlin's official Fun Committee, charged with bringing "fun at the same time" as work for employees. FALF-sponsored events included Spirit Week, Wet Hot Marlin Summer party, and an inaugural Long Pong tournament. For Marlin

Dusty Feet

Website for Dusty Feet, a local organization working on a local level to impact global human trafficking issues. For 417 Marketing

Red Pennant Club Logo Concept

Logo concept for French's Food Company customer loyalty program. For Marlin

Menu design for The Order at Hotel Vandivort. For Marlin

Pen and ink illustration detail. For Marlin


Fun A La Fois: Jessica Kennon Spencer (Design), Chris Rock (Copy)
Dusty Feet: Jessica Kennon Spencer
Red Pennant Club: Jessica Kennon Spencer
Hotel Vandivort: Jessica Kennon Spencer (Design), Cecily Robertson (Copy)
Simple Grow: Jessica Kennon Spencer