The Carpet Shoppe

For Mostly Serious

The Carpet Shoppe is an iconic Springfield business with unmistakable red and white awnings that greet visitors. This year, we revamped not just The Carpet Shoppe's website, but worked through new brand positioning and refined the overall marketing approach and collateral.

Visit The Carpet Shoppe's live site.

  • Brand positioning exercise and guidelines
  • Sales-focused website
  • Updated brand collateral and ads

The Carpet Shoppe's Core Pillars

We took the iconic Springfield business through our Groundwork phase at Mostly Serious in order to learn more about how it can better position itself within the competitive local flooring market. The great news? The Carpet Shoppe is the real deal—an honest-to-goodness great business with a ton going for it. We identified five pillars on which The Carpet Shoppe can lean and grow. Messaging that satisfies one or more of these pillars enables The Carpet Shoppe to differentiate itself in a crowded market and make meaningful overtures to prospective customers.


UX/UI Design: Jessica Kennon Spencer
Development: Chad Spencer for Mostly Serious
Copywriting: Molly Riddle-Nunn
Brand Positioning: Lucy Howell, Chelsea Begley, Molly Riddle-Nunn, Jessica Kennon Spencer