Burrell Health

For Mostly Serious

Once in a great while, a client comes along who really lets you go for it, and this time it was Burrell Behavioral Health—a stigma-busting regional provider of behavioral health services. Burrell received the full treatment with a new, more approachable identity, a website, and collateral to boot.

Check out the site live.

  • Brand research, repositioning, and rebranding
  • Extensive website redesign with emphasis on patient access
  • Emphasis on careers section & talent attraction
  • Supporting brand collateral and resources


Creative Direction: Jessica Kennon Spencer
Brand Strategy: Lucy Howell and Jessica Kennon Spencer
UX/UI Design: Jessica Kennon Spencer
Logo Design: Matt Greene for Mostly Serious
Front-End Development: Chad Spencer for Mostly Serious
Back-End Development: Aimee Hendrycks