Go ahead, get your snoop on.

So pleased to meet ya

I’m Jessica—Jess, actually—a creative professional living in the midwest, looking for every chance to do my best work every day. My education was in traditional design and illustration, but I’ve worked over the years in a variety of creative leadership roles that have expanded my skillset with each new challenge that came along. While I have experience doing just a little bit of everything—including writing, photography, illustration, styling, and direction—I’ve found a particular strength and expertise in creative leadership, digital strategy, and user experience/user interface design beyond the experience of most peers.

Skills & Strengths

User Experience Design (UX)

Comprehensive planning and design for best possible informational architecture and user flows designed to convert.

User Interface Design (UI)

Trend-forward, modern user interface design to reflect and modernize brand identity and emphasize mobile experience.

Digital Research Methods

Using quantitative analytical data combined with qualitative research methods to identify insights that help to inform digital strategy and user experience decisions.

Digital Strategy & Planning

Planning multiple digital components, including social media and advertising to create meaningful user paths to accomplish an established objective.

Information Architecture

Able to review and understand complicated organizational or functional problems, organize components, and recommend fitting digital solutions and user experience to fit the contextual need.

Technical Collaboration

Collaborating with front and back end developers from project inception to dually confirm functionality and technical specifications ensuring seamless transitions through project phases.

Content Development

Creating trend-forward digital content narratives to support good user experience, strategic goals, and efficient delivery of critical information to users.

Creative Team Management

Effectively managing creative teams of designers, writers, interns—and leading complicated, large-scale projects interdepartmentally from inception to launch.


Able to capture vibrant, well-composed shots of people, food, product, and lifestyle imagery with natural or studio lighting whether solo-shooting, or by coordinating large-scale productions.

Graphic Design

Creating trend-forward design for any medium, including digital and print executions in a style to fit the project needs using industry-standard platforms like Adobe Creative suite, Sketch, or Figma.

Creative Direction

Able to explore and define overarching creative strategy and direction for large-scale projects while leading creative and interdepartmental teams to execute campaigns and projects.


Create original supporting illustrations for print and digital executions using industry standard techniques including pen and ink, watercolor, and vector illustration.


Create all-new brand identity, functional guidelines, and supporting collateral for products and companies, or work over time to help established brands systematically evolve.

Photo Direction & Styling

Special experience in planning, directing, and styling large-scale photo productions including scouting, pre-pro, casting, prop-styling, foodstyling, and on-set posing and talent direction.

Essential Copywriting

Able to establish initial content strategies and create essential copywriting for any digital or print project including brochures and collateral, webpages, or supporting documentation.

Presentation & Pitching

Professionally communicating with clients at any project stage from sales and discovery to presentation of work to daily project communication without a hitch.

Whatcha got?

My strongest skillset is arguably my professional adaptablity— or hunger to learn on the job. I've spent my entire career working on expanding my skillset to stretch into new areas of interest or professional adjacencies. Photography, art direction, and photo styling are all knacks that I picked up during my time leading the editorial art department at 417 Magazine. Time spent in the agency world gave me practical insights into strategy, brand development, and creative on a large scale. And my last few years in the digital-first realm at Mostly Serious has tossed me head first into advanced web design and UX, digital strategy, and digital research methods that make my work effective.

So, if you've got a need—I may not have it yet, but you can bet that I can learn to be great at it.


I live in Springfield, Missouri—home of Bass Pro, Brad Pitt, and Cashew Chicken. At home, I’ve got a swell husband, adorable boy named Arlo, and three dogs (but only one of them is good). My yoga practice is mostly good and getting better. I love music of the alternative and indie variety, but can occasionally be caught rapping Hamilton in my car on the way to work.